Welcome to the website of Misty Lee, Magician, Illusionist, Séance Medium, Human Lie Detector and expert in all things Occult. A self-described “professional creeper,” Misty is a motorcycle-riding, corset-wearing illusionist who specializes in bringing audiences into contact with the Other Side.

“I don’t believe in ghosts, but I can make you think they’re real.”

Never shying away from the “unspeakable” magicks, Misty excels in bold. Using the everyday possessions of her audience members—a necklace, a set of car keys—and a few less-ordinary ones—real human bones—Misty leads viewers on an intimate journey that will make even the staunchest skeptics question what’s real.

“The Wicked Witch of the West Coast.”

Misty is proud to be the first female staff medium at the world-famous Hollywood Magic Castle. Her Houdini séances blend elements of traditional Victorian spiritualism with modern stage illusion to create an experience that’s both horrifying and enthralling.

The Human Lie Detector

Misty channels human energy, combined with psychological knowhow, to tap into audience members’ deep-rooted fears and superstitions. Trained alongside CIA and ATF agents and members of Scotland Yard, she utilizes body language awareness and cognitive recall techniques to detect what’s real. You cannot lie to her.

“A Sexy, Scary Mary Poppins”

Whether attending one of Misty’s terrifying séances or a private corporate stage show, audiences will experience a dazzling visual display. Misty’s highly original illusions showcase fire and lights, music, dance and elaborate costumes appropriate for a dark magical mistress.

What Audiences Are Saying

Read what viewers who’ve been misty-fied by Misty have to say:

“How in God’s name did you do that?”

-Charles Pugh, Fox 2 News

“Misty Lee is absolutely one of the most delightful individuals that I have ever encountered on my pop culture adventures.”

-Sam Tweedle, the Pop Culture Addict

“Ms. Lee is an accomplished and consequently always busy illusionist and entertainer. She has the skills you would expect from a top-line performer but she also has a special charm and confidence that separates her from others.”


“The hottest thing since cups and balls.”


Experience the Saucy Sorcery

You can see Misty’s transfixing Houdini séance for yourself at the Magic Castle. Learn more about this intimate Los Angeles Victorian séance experience. If you are interested in booking close up magicians like Misty for a unique corporate magician performance or television magician appearance, you can contact her booking manager, Lisa Reese, at 800-677-0860 (toll-free in US). You can also email her at info@be6.e31.myftpupload.com.