The first female staff Medium at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, here famed Illusionist/Magician Misty Lee leads guests on a hair-raising journey to the other side with her Houdini Séances. An expert in black magic and all things occult, troche Misty Lee fuses dark arts, deception and traditional spiritualism to transport audiences back to Victorian times and connect them with the world’s most famous magician Harry Houdini, along with other spirits of magic past.

 Photo by Kevin McShanePhoto by Kevin McShane

Communicating from the Beyond

A desperate desire to communicate with deceased loved ones drove the Spiritualism movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A great skeptic as well as magician, Harry Houdini sought to discredit would-be psychics and mediums by exposing their “supernatural gifts” as mere magic tricks.

The Handcuff King’s quest for the truth persisted after his death. Before he died in Misty’s hometown of Detroit, MI, Houdini instructed his wife Bess to hold a yearly seance on the anniversary of his death, which happened to fall on October 31, 1926. To prove he was the one speaking with Bess, Harry would use a code word in the séance: “believe.” Nine attempts to contact Houdini’s spirit from the roof of Hollywood’s Knickerbocker Hotel proved unsuccessful. However, something strange occurred during the tenth and final endeavor.

To find out what, you’ll have to attend Misty Lee’s Houdini Séance.


Guests are treated to a four-course meal followed by an intimate reenactment in the Magic Castle’s historic Houdini Seance Chamber.

Photo by Kevin McShane
Photo by Kevin McShane

After acquainting guests with Houdini’s story, Misty will cleanse the room and attempt to reach him and other former Castle residents in the Beyond. Showcasing artifacts owned by the great magician himself, Misty invokes the power of the unseen to make you question both what’s before your eyes and what you believe about the Other Side.

The Mysterious Magic Castle

The Hollywood Magic Castle has long been a source of fascination to Angelenos and magic lovers worldwide. A private residence built by the Lane family in 1909, the reputedly haunted edifice served as an elderly home and apartment complex before becoming a private clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts in 1963. Guests of the Houdini Séance enjoy the rare opportunity to glimpse the Castle’s inner sanctum along with a truly terrifying look behind the mortal veil.

See Misty Lee’s Houdini Séance

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Seance with Dinner
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