Escape Domestic Violence


“Escape” (Domestic Violence PSA)

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Video: Renae Geerlings

Voice and Audio: Artt Butler

Written by: Misty Lee

Executive Producers: Misty Lee and Renae Geerlings

Cast (in order of appearance):

Abuser VO: Paul Dini

Abused/Escapist: Misty Lee

Call to Action VO: Misty Lee

Director of Photography: Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein

Edited by: Bizzaro Galore

Audio Composer/Sound Design: John Thomas

First Assistant Director: Wes Weitzenhoffer

Stunt Coach/Coordinator: Tyler Mane

Choreography/Movement Coach: Debbie McMahon

B Camera: Kenneth Brown

BTS: Aaron Epstein

Gaffer: Zach Rasmussen


Paul Luke

John Thomas

Still Photographer: Lincoln Kamm

Recorded at Voicetrax West, Sherman Oaks, CA

Shot on Location at the Lyric-Hyperion Theater Los Angeles, CA

Special Thanks:

Liz Hoge

Ear Candy

Eddie Gorodetsky

Neil Gaiman

Chip Kidd

Paul Dini

Shania Karolat

Lysander Karolat

Trish Alaskey

Ruth Waytz

Andrew Feliciano

Benjamin Font

Susan Palyo

Bob Bergen

Max Maven

Jonathan Pendragon

“Really powerful short PSA about Domestic Abuse, by Misty Lee. A straightjacket escape. Share it.” – Neil Gaiman

“I’m a survivor of abuse and I just wanted to thank you for sharing this. You have a lot of influence, and I’m always grateful to celebrities who choose to use their power to help make the world a better place for us all. This video pretty much sums up what it feels like to leave abuse, but it is so worth it. Thanks for speaking up for those who still don’t have a voice.” – Melissa L.

“The question always asked is, why do women stay, when the question should be, why do men abuse. A woman arrived at a local shelter in a wheelchair because her partner burned the soles of her feet, assuming she’d be unable to escape. The stories I have heard. There needs to be more acknowledgement of domestic violence.” – Ivon G.

“As a survivor and activist on the subject THANK YOU!” – Ceinan J.

“Been there and am glad I was finally able to escape physically from that straight jacket, still working on removing the mental straight jacket though and regaining my feelings of being worthy of a loving, caring relationship once more. Always ends in my self sabotaging it” – Annie P.

“The hardest thing is escaping. Part of the abuse is denigrating the abuse to the point she (or he) feels they have no where to go, that no one can ever care or love them. I am a survivor. Even after I left (after 6+ years of marriage, after my childhood of abuse), it took years to build myself. I still occasionally find places the straight jacket rubbed raw that are still not healed (over 2 decades of healing). Thank you for helping to shine a light by sharing this.” – Rijacki T.

“I’m a survivor too. Thank you for sharing this Neil Gaiman it’s important to get the message across that you can be strong and escape x” – Saffron C.

“Yes, you can escape.” – Betty B.

“Powerful, people need reminding, in the UK as well. Yes, Lisa Palmisano, it’s important not to forget emotional abuse; it creeps up on you, and before you know it you have been trapped in a “normality” you thought was everyday life. It’s hard to leave, but you can!” – Sonja T.

“My husband works for a domestic violence agency. We’re so glad you shared this.” – Kristin R.

“Powerful and moving. Thanks for sharing Neil.” – Nigel C.

“Wow. Amazing. Definitely sharing.” – Tim Q.

“….being a survivor…leaving me legally blind in my left eye…thank you, Neil for sharing this… I will pass it on.” – Joan P.

“Thank you. I just opened up about my abuse and named my abuser after 10 years of silence. Still dealing with the repercussions of ignorant people, but the support has been overwhelming. Thank you for calling attention to partner abuse.” – Rebeka L.

“Thank you” – Amy T.

“Impactful” – Bonnie F.

“Very useful. Thank you for the information.” – Joseph A.

“You did such an amazing job on this!” – Debbie M.

“Great work Misty!” – Thomas B.

“Wow.. that was really disturbing. Sharing.” – Maer M.

“Great video!!! Thank you.” – Larry M.

“Very powerful, indeed. I would like to see this addressed more often. There’s much silence on the inside of situations like this, and too much indifference from the outside. It’s hard for someone in an abusive situation to stand up for themselves when their friends or family turn a blind eye to what’s going on. I’m proud of the fact that people are willing to speak up, and help others overcome what many remain in denial about. Every 15 seconds… that’s just disgusting.” – Cassandra B.

“Very important film. Thanks for sharing this.” – Mona R.

“This brought tears to my eyes. Also a survivor who escaped.” – Loretta B.

“WOW. The magician Misty Lee is also a very strong actor, as shown in this powerful video. Pls share this.” – Jay S.

“That was fantastic! Great job, Misty!” – Mike F.

“I can’t believe that this hasn’t gotten wider coverage. Such a powerful message.” – Bartholomew S.

“Facebooked it! been there…straight jacket free zone now” – Michele C.

“Terrific concept and execution al around.” – Tom A.

“A great, powerful video. I’m guessing this is the project that Paul mentioned he had a hard time working on a while back, I can see why.” – Andrew L.

“Brilliant work, very powerful. the only thing that could make it even better – imho – is if “beaten” were to be replaced with “abused”, which i was actually expecting at first, as the story itself appeared to me a portrayal of the harm inflicted through verbal abuse, the straightjacket standing for all the ways psychological abuse renders victims immobile and (almost) unable to act.” – re-empowerment

“Now THAT was MAGIC!” – Murl H.

“Powerful!!!” – Suzanne T.

“Awesome. Magic with a message. Posting forward.” – jimwito

“Amazingly powerful, thank you!” – Deborah N.