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An enigmatic enchantress.


A self-described Professional Creeper, Magic Castle Medium Misty Lee showcases her feats of dark magic with a bold gallows humor sure to delight even the strongest skeptics in the crowd. Along with her work at the Academy of Magical Arts, Misty offers private event booking including:

  • Customized performances and séances for corporate parties and events
  • TV talk show appearances
  • Awards presentation performances
  • Voiceover and voice acting
  • Magical consulting and advisory services

Interested companies, casting directors and would-be magicians can contact Misty’s booking manager at (800) 677-0860 or


Corporate Shows and Séances

An accomplished Actress, Illusionist and Storyteller, Misty Lee recreates her original Houdini séance for companies and corporations. Layering jokes and tricks, historical fact and fiction, Misty skillfully nudges audience members off balance and makes them part of the performance.

Along with her famed séances, Misty offers customized magical performances featuring her unique brand of creepy tricks and bold illusion. Some of her previous clients include Chrysler, Google, Marvel, Disney, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Interactive, Baskin Robbins, Hallmark and San Diego Comic Con. She has also entertained the likes of Michigan Senator Carl Levin and writer/director Kevin Smith.

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On-Camera Magic

The Magic Castle’s first female staff Medium, Misty also provides on-camera appearances for awards presentations and television talk shows. Whether you’re looking for a Consummate Card Magician or Spirit Medium, a Master Illusionist or Human Lie Detector, Misty will deliver an exceptional performance that is certain to thrill and chill.


Voice Acting

Along with filling the prestigious position of Voice of the Magic Castle, Misty Lee has put her famed pipes to use voicing animated and video game characters. Recent roles include Aunt May Parker in TV’s Ultimate Spiderman and the voice of The Nanny in Bioshock Infinite. Learn more about Misty’s extensive voice-acting work and filmography.


Magical Consulting Services

Need to put on a magic show or séance? As an LA magician, Misty offers her consulting services to hosts and presenters to ensure that their upcoming performances are fabulously freaky and cheese-free. Don’t hesitate to seek help from the performer called “the hottest thing since cups and balls.”


Book LA’s Favorite Female Creeper

Casting directors and companies interested in booking Misty for a performance or event can direct all inquiries to her booking agent Lisa Reese at (800) 677-0860 or via email at

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