May 14th, 2013 by Misty Lee

As the host of the Magic Castle’s famed Houdini Séance, I have the honor of visiting one of Hollywood’s most fascinating—and reputedly haunted—landmarks on a regular basis. Built in 1909, the Castle has served as a single-family house, a home for the elderly and an apartment complex at various points. Now it’s home to the Academy of Magical Arts—and, supposedly, a heck of a lot of ghosts.

Though I’m a self-professed creeper and fan of all that is freaky, I don’t believe in spirits. However, the stories about and around the Castle are hard to ignore, and more than one visitor to the site has seen or heard something ghostly. The most spine-tingling tale? During one séance, multiple guests reported seeing the magician’s own newly deceased daughter standing behind his chair!

Me at the Magic Castle.

Me at the Magic Castle.

Yes, the haunted history of the Castle is legendary. Those of you who want to hear more about the Castle and its ghostly residents can attend my Houdini séance. Until then, here are some spooky tales of LA’s haunted hot spots to tide you over.


City of Angels … and Ghosts

Los Angeles, California. Home to celebrities, rehab centers and more than one ghost, if the rumors are to be believed. Here are some of the most haunted locales in town:


Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

What’s better than an abandoned mental hospital for inspiring terror? Not only did the hospital once house psychiatric patients, but it was also a sanatorium for TB and polio sufferers. Check it out after dark if you dare.


Griffith Park

The scenic trails and planetarium make the park seem like an ideal destination for tourists and Angelenos alike. However, some say the beautiful property is home to an ugly curse. Rumor has it that when park owner Don Feliz lay dying of smallpox, neighbor Don Coronel and his lawyer contrived to keep Feliz’s blind niece out of the will. The girl supposedly cursed Coronel and his family before dying herself. According to the story, Coronel’s family expired from a number of awful diseases, while the lawyer was shot and killed.


Pantages Theatre

A beautiful theatre in the heart of Hollywood, the Pantages has been host to numerous plays and musicals including my niece’s favorite musical, Wicked. However, according to legend, Elphaba isn’t the only thing flying around in there. Rumor has it that various ghosts, including Howard Hughes, haunt the theatre’s halls. Check for a brisk wind and the smell of Hughes’ cigarettes next time you see a play at Pantages.


Misty Lee, Creeper in a Corset

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I can make you think they’re real. Never shying away from the dark magicks, I perform tricks and illusions designed to set the spine tingling and make the staunchest skeptic question what he believes. I also offer magical consulting services to make your corporate presentation, TV show, movie, or performance a scary success.


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Until then, happy (haunt) hunting!

Your ‘Ghost Hostess,’

-Misty Lee 

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