October 22nd, 2013 by Misty Lee

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Q & A: Misty Lee and Los Angeles-based health and sexuality writer August McLaughlin.

August McLaughlin’s runs GirlBoner and her articles are featured on, DAME Magazine, Healthy Aging magazine, IAmThatGirl and more. Visit the talented writer’s excellent blog and check out our chat.

1. Your PSA gave me chills. What inspired you to create it?

Thank you for your watching it!  The PSA is essentially a love letter to my mother.  I watched her endure years of abuse, and now she’s living on her terms.  Although her abuse was primarily verbal, the effects were permeating and deeply debilitating.  Her strength and tenacity are an inspiration, and I wrote the PSA around her refusal to accept the role of ‘victim’ as her fate.  I hope it will inspire others to be brave, escape, and thrive.

 2. What do you hope viewers glean from the production?

For the abused:  If it convinces even one person that they’re not alone, that it can be done, that they’re worth it, and inspires them to create a plan for freedom, it was worth it.

For abusers:  Perspective from the other side.  Am hoping an abuser may see this and realizes this is an unacceptable way to treat a loved one, and it may inspire them to make the choice to stop the cycle – and begin to heal.

For the lucky few who have never experienced abuse first hand: Insight that will inspire deeper understanding, which will hopefully elicit a passionate response and a willingness to help.

3. What can we do to support your ventures?

That’s very nice of you to ask, August.  Please spread the word. Share the video, tell your loved ones, and if you know someone who may be suffering, SAY SOMETHING.  Victims often suffer in silence for fear of not being believed or suffering repercussions.  Letting them know you’re available to help or providing them with an outlet may save a victim’s life.  Even if all you can do is write the hotline number on a napkin and put it in their hand, you’re sending a clear message that help is available – sometimes the smallest action can make an enormous difference.

4. If you could wave a magic wand and make one positive change happen pronto, what would you do?

Gift people with the ability to see and feel the real consequences of their actions.  Self-awareness raises gratitude, and gratitude increases the courage it takes to be vulnerable and kind.  It’s worth it.

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